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What if there was a place, a secret place, where nothing was impossible? A miraculous place where you could actually change the world. You wanna go?

—George Clooney’s character, Frank Walker, in the Tomorrowland trailer

Tomorrowland sounds just like America 2029! And their invitation is our invitation to you...

What you saw was a place where the best and the brightest people of the world came together to actually change it. We've been looking for someone like you for a very long time.

—George Clooney’s character, Frank Walker, in the Tomorrowland trailer

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America 2029 is a program to stimulate the U.S. economy through a series of innovations that will culminate in a breakthrough innovation anticipated for the year 2029. While the focus is on America and its economy, it’s more about you and your relationship with the economy.

Everyone is waiting for a breakthrough in the economy, and they know that it’s not going to come from government stimulus, whether Republican or Democratic.

In many ways, the economy has been growing steadily in the 4 years since America 2029 was first established. However, not enough jobs are being produced, and President Trump's recent announcements were mostly in the pipeline before he announced his jobs initiative. The sluggishness in job creation was brought on by more than a decade of minimal innovation from corporate America. When a big innovation like the PC or the World Wide Web comes on the market, the economy is fed by a flood of additional innovations.

Restarting the economy will be a lot easier than people think. We just have to focus on the right innovations—innovations that people and businesses are secretly just waiting to buy.

America 2029 guides people everywhere as they discover and create the future now. We use a proprietary system to promote anyone’s business or career goals, as they pursue their own personal strengths, interests, and future.

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Last Updated: March 30, 2017